Seaside Studio Art Camp

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."
                                        -Pablo Picasso 

         The Seaside Studio Art Camp began the summer of 2006 as fellow art educator, Sarah Davenport, and I introduced our first summer art sessions for students ages 7 to 13.  We now offer art instruction to students older than 13 as well, given that many of our wonderful campers have grown up and continue to benefit from the creative environment we set up each summer.  Sarah and I enjoy collaborating each summer for a couple of weeks as we share ideas and inspirations in teaching art.  This time allows us to try new projects and explore a variety of media with students outside of the classroom.  Each camp session is packed with different projects and adventures using paint, pastels, printmaking or something messy and fun! For an application or for more information about Seaside Studio Art Camp, please email me at